Live clean, think about the next one.

Paul Pourveur, Shakespeare is dead,

get over it!



Paul Pourveur was born in Antwerp in 1952. He studied cinematography in Brussels and attended scriptwriting workshops in the United States of America. He started to write for theatre in 1985. Paul grew up bilingually and writes some of his plays in Dutch, and some in French. His texts include L'abécédaire des temps modernes (2008), Bagdad Blues (2005), Shakespeare is dead – get over it! (2002), Locked in (2001) and the youth play Lilith@online. Paul has been writer in residence at the Rideau de Bruxelles.

Survivre à la fin des Grandes Histoires, Paul's latest book will give you many insights about his work.



William loves Anna and hates globalisation. Anna doesn't care about globalisation, for she is an actress – but she loves William, the strongest opponent of globalisation here and now, as well as the writer from there and then: William S., you know who. He, in turn, is not loved by William.


Can you create a home in No Man's Land where you can simply hug each other tightly? Does all the information that applies to you, or is similar to you, shape something like a life? If so, is it really your own? Paul Pourveur has designed a model kit, in which he reflects on post modern biographies and, in a sense, hangs them up to dry on the progress of a rather easy-going relationship. At the end, everyone is dead and the author recommends for the last time: Live clean, think about the next one.




The documentation includes –

  • an introduction to the theatrical landscape of Belgium by Georg Weinand
  • an introduction to the play by Andreas Klaeui
  • information and reviews about the Dutch, Belgian, German and French productions

Documentation (PDF, 6.1 MB)



Philip Desmeules, from whom no William’s secrets are hidden, joined us in the creative translation of Paul Pourveur’s text – a challenging and exhilarating project. The play was read for the first time in English by James French, Claire Little, Tara Siddall and Joseph Thompson on 15 November 2010.



The director Athina Kasiou (Open Arts Theatre, Nicosia, Cyprus) designed a staging concept and we sketched an immersion model with the sound artist Constantin Popp (The University of Manchester, United Kingdom). Now, we are preparing the staging with Ensemble Leporello (Brussels, Belgium) and Avanta Largo (Ljubljana, Slovenia). The play will première on 15 September 2016 at BOZAR, Brussels and in November 2016 at the Lethaby Gallery, London. Then, it will tour Flanders and Hungary. Stay tuned!

Announcement (PDF, 438 KB)

Aankondiging (PDF, 358 KB)

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